Picture Perfect: How to Style a Collage Wall


Since my husband and I bought our house just a little over two years ago, we have been trying to get it put together and make it really feel like home. Room by room, we have pieced together our own perfectly designed dream home. When we first moved in, all we had some hand-me downs and yard sale items. We decided since this was going to be a long-time home, it was worth spending the money to get new furniture and decor. Picking out decor has definitely been my favorite part! I love finding the perfect piece to complete our bookshelves or to bring our walls to life. It’s the little decorative items that add so much personality and character to a space.

Like so many people do, I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest. That’s where I got the idea to do a collage wall. I just love the idea of mixing and matching fun pieces with framed family photos to show off our style and personalize our home. Even though a collage wall looks effortless and casual, it’s actually a well thought out art installation. Creating a picture perfect collage wall is not as easy as it looks. So, I’ve put together some of my tips and tricks for putting together an eye-catching conversation piece right in your own home.

First, pick the wall you want to hang your collage on and take measurements. This will help as your choosing pieces to know how much space you have to fill. I like mixing all shapes and sizes to give the wall some interest. When choosing your pieces, there are couple ways you can go. I’ve seen collage walls with monochromatic pieces and ones with more of an eclectic look. For the room I was putting mine in, I went with the more eclectic look. Our decor in this room is rustic or farmhouse chic as I like to think of it. Doing something too matchy just didn’t seem right for the space. So that’s something you will want to consider when designing your wall.

Once you have all your pieces picked out and ready to hang, you’ll want to lay them out. This will help you avoid making a bunch of holes in the wall only to realize that the layout doesn’t work. I laid all my pieces on the floor and puzzled them together until I got a layout that I liked. To keep it balanced, I went with a design that sort of mirrored itself. Once you have decided on the layout, there’s one more step before you start hanging. Using a piece of butcher paper, trace your layout then cut out the pieces and tape them to the wall as a guide for hanging.

Now it’s now time to seal the deal! Put the nails or screws right through the butcher paper cutouts to be sure that you have the right placement and replace the paper with the item as you go. Don’t worry too much about messing up. Your decor will likely cover small mistakes or a dab of spackle and paint will fix any larger mistakes. Once you’re all finished, step back and admire your work. This will be a showpiece that’s sure to impress!

And that’s it; everything you need to create your collage wall! Ready to get started?!



P.S. I’ve linked some of my pieces in case you’re interested. A few of them are no longer available, but I found great dupes!

Photo Ledge: Ikea

White Frame: Ikea

Wooden Frame: Similar

Arrow: Hobby Lobby

Letters: Hobby Lobby

Antlers: Target

The horseshoe was my grandma’s but here is a super cute decorative horseshoe for a similar look. I see real horseshoes at yard sales and flea markets all the time too, so that’s an option if you want an authentic one.

The home sign was a housewarming gift but I found this fun home sign if you want something similar.

The you and me sign is from Hobby Lobby, but I cant find it on the website. I did see it in store the last time I was there. Or if you google “you and me infinity wall decor” a ton of options come up for personalized versions!


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  1. Kathy says:

    Love the wall! Great tips! The butcher paper tip is genius!


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