All Juiced Up: My 3-Day Cleanse

As many of you may have seen, last week I did my first ever juice cleanse. This past year, I have sort of fallen off the wagon as far as my health and fitness goals go. I don’t have a regular gym routine and I give into my cravings a lot more often than I should. I’m not really one to go on diets because in all honesty, I don’t really believe in them. In my experience, they help you lose weight fast but the second you stop, it all comes back and then some. I’m more about practicing moderation and making healthier choices as much as possible. I don’t like to deprive my body of things and honestly somedays all I can think about is a damn cupcake. I think it’s all about balance and as long as most of the time I am eating well, then it’s okay to indulge sometimes.

I finally decided that I need to get back into a healthy lifestyle by making better nutrition choices and being more active again. I recently read that juice cleanses are a great way to jumpstart a healthy eating routine, so I thought I would give it try. I did the 3-Day Cleanse from Pressed Juicery here in Sacramento. They also have a bunch of other locations, but I think all of them are in the West Coast. It’s a little pricey so if you’re on a budget and have a juicer, you can totally make your own juices and Pinterest has a lot of good recipes. You can do the cleanse as many days as you want. I chose 3 days because I felt like 1 or 2 days wouldn’t have much effect and 4 or more seemed like torture. I was a little worried that I would feel hungry only having juice and water for 3 full days but honestly the juices were pretty filling. I also took my time sipping on them because most were actually pretty tasty so by the time I finished one, it was almost time for the next. I did the cleanse during the week which I think also made it a little easier because I was at work all day and would go to the gym in the evenings so I was pretty busy most of my day and didn’t have time to think about food or be at home tempted with what was in the fridge. Had I done it during the weekend, I know I would have had a harder time.

After I was done, I started to realize how much I tend to snack some days. I work in an office and we do potlucks or celebrations pretty often so unhealthy snacks are always around. I learned that I felt perfectly fine not eating the treats even though all the coworkers were enjoying them and that a good compromise now that I am no longer cleansing is to have some fruit and skip the baked goods most of the time.

I know it seems daunting to only have juice for several days but I’m telling you in my honest opinion, it’s much easier to get through than you might think.

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Juice cleanses have a lot of great benefits.

  1. Detoxifies your stomach and other organs: For a few days you are filling your body with nothing but vitamins and nutrients. It gives your body a chance to get rid of all the junk like preservatives, sugars, etc.
  2. Boosts energy: Since you’re drinking superfoods, your will have more energy than you may have normally from things like sugars and caffeine.
  3. Suppresses appetite: Juicing helps get you used to consuming less, so when the cleanse is over you can start eating smaller portions and making sure your meals contain lots of nutrient rich foods.
  4. Rehydrates your body: Since all the toxins are working their way out of the body and you are likely drinking more water, you will be super hydrated which is great for boosting energy, relieving headaches and other pains as well as improving your skin.
  5. Improve self-awareness of food consumption: Once you realize that 16 ounces of juice can keep you full for a couple hours, you start to think about what foods can do the same thing. Since I finished the cleanse, I’ve been all about yummy salads and cooked veggies with my favorite spices.

I’m glad I finally tried a juice cleanse because it’s something I have thought about doing for a long time. I can see myself doing one every few months just to help detox my body. If you haven’t tried one yet but I highly recommend it. I also love the juice bar that I purchased my cleanse from. They have shots, specialty water, charcoal lemonade (which I’m excited to try next time I’m there) and frosts (basically like fro-yo but way more healthy…YUM). I signed up for the membership so I can get everything discounted and the membership doesn’t cost anything, you have to sign up for a minimum of $10 to be deposited to your membership monthly for you to use when you make purchases. Check out Pressed Juicery here.

Have you tried a juice cleanse before? Did you love it or hate it?



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